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"All that is golden like an apricot likely has a bed of prayer beneath it" 

The Apricot Memoirs—a fusion of creativity, prose & poetry; birthed within a season of travel & adventure—a surrender from the great for the even greater. 

200+ pages of prose and poetry written creatively from the heart—NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE!!!!!


The Apricot Memoirs—

She was created to be sketched on. Accustomed to tears, sunlight fade and whisky stains, her corners— curled. Wild flowers are pressed between her textures, and with spontaneous page selections, she gifts— a fragrant, timely word. Her pilgrimage: one set of golden hands to another, giving what is needed— a word in season. She is a creation. A song to be shared. Silent breaths kept for, a quiet place. 

Open her with an open heart— her story will leave you a gift, write it down but most of all, let its sentiment provoke a real change.

The Campaign runs for 30 days only and ALL funds raised go towards the production of the first print run. Optimistically speaking—if we go over the goal amount, the funds will be used to print round two and The Apricot Memoirs will be FOREVER available via my website for all shiny humans to continue purchasing if they feel called to it's french paper pages—this includes wholesalers online and offline!

Each page delivers a piece of thoughtfully scribed prose or poetry, expressed chronologically, with moments to pause in between. The Apricot Memoirs is a reflection of my unfolding story in life’s most beautiful shades and hues: tribe, food, joy, forgiveness, creativity, imagination, friendship, romance, vulnerability, adventure, creation, travel and LOVE!

There are 7 packages to choose from, the lowest starting at $1.00 with option to any open amount for those who have no interest in Poetry or Prose but would like to support the project. The packages from here upwards range in size—some simple and some full of treasures—Pick whatever your heart desires. It was all created with you in mind.

The Package I'm most excited about is THE ABUNDANT APRICOT” PACKAGE - A very limited package with only a limited 200 available, bringing you all the thoughtful collector pieces in two's, One copy of The Apricot Memoirs" book with YOUR NAME PRINTED IN THE BOOK AS A CONTRIBUTOR ON THE ABUNDANT APRICOT CONTRIBUTORS PAGE (A page that will always exist in the Memoirs print upon print run) + Postage costs included globally in this package only. This would be a really good package for international Rainbow chasers outside of Australia. It will limit postage costs and you get the full apricot fireworks!

Your support this far in making this paper dream a tangible apricot reality has been overwhelmingly generous! I have committed to a heart of integrity through every process of this book and endeavour to make every part of this journey a beautiful experience for you—the reader—From campaign, to print, to packaging all the way to the delivery of its pages into your golden hands.




All extra info is clearly outlined and explained within the campaign—I'll see you over there!

NOTE: You will not be charged until Fri, May 11 2018 when the campaign resolves.